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Telepathic Spousal Conversations

March 27, 2011

6dpo.  I think I’m adjusting to the progesterone.  Still feel dopey, but at least I’m not falling over anymore.

Yesterday, in a quest to find a shower caddy for our bathroom (the previous one gave way spectacularly, sending bottles of Herbal Essence and Old Spice bodywash everywhere), we wound up at Walmart.  As we were just about to leave, we noticed a hysterical woman, talking to a sales associate.  The associate ran to the nearest phone and sent a message across the PA System.  Lost: one two-year-old boy, wearing a red shirt and jeans.

Arrrgh! There's a bug in my hair!

Milk and I had one of those telepathic spousal conversations.  You know, the kind that happens without even looking at each other.  Generally we use it to decide what to have for dinner:

“How about…..”
“…. pasta with as much cheese as we can cram into it?”

It’s a useful trick, and I’m sure every married couple has some version of it.  Yesterday, it went something like this:

“Do you want to……”

We spent a few minutes, prowling the aisles of Walmart, looking for this kid.  I’m not even sure what we would have done if we’d found him.  I think we just needed to do something.

The kid was found within ten minutes, if that.  We got to see him with his parents as we headed out the exit.  Holding Milk’s hand, I felt a huge swell of love.  This kindness for strangers was one of the first positive traits I’d noticed about him.  His heart is big enough to hold the worries of other people, as well as our own.

I soooo totally want to have a baby with this man.

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