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About Us

Me, 32, brown girl (aka Cookie)

Him, 36, white boy (aka Milk)

Together we are:  Wyld Stallyns! *crazy air guitars*

Actually, no.  We’re trying for a beige baby.  One snag, though.  We’re infertile.  At this point in the journey, we’re not exactly sure why.  I have a preliminary diagnosis of PCOS, my cycles are irregular, though I am ovulating on my own (confirmed with BBT and OPKs).  We simply haven’t managed to ride that phonebooth into pregnancy just yet.  George Carlin is dead, so our RE will have to be Rufus.

Right now, we’ve just started on our Most Excellent Adventure into this scary realm and this blog is a way for us to remember the finicky little details, to vent, to seek support of other couples in the same situation and to gain a bit of perspective.

Party on, dudes!  And Be Excellent To Each Other.

~ Cookies and Milk

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  1. October 28, 2011 7:56 pm

    I love Bill and Ted!!! This is one of the bestest About pages ever.

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